18th of June 2022 Helsinki 9am (EET)



The best bike packing adventure in Finland taking place during the June solstice.
Finland is a paradise for bike packing enthusiasts, there are over 350.000km of unpaved roads.
We have combined the finest selection of gravel and forest roads connecting Helsinki to Turku.
The perpetual light of summer will be on your side and provide total freedom to your cycling schedule. 
The nature and clean air will provide for you the freshest riding conditions.

You will be able to choose between two selected bicycle escape routes:

VELOCE - Pure gravel, ideal if you like constant pace and speed, perfect if you ride non stop. Distance: 612km, Climb 6174 mt, Gravel/offroad 68%, Asphalt 32%
EXPLORER  - The route offers the greatest variety of landscape including the ring of the archipelago. This is our classic route, the best option to get the best out of riding in Finland. Distance: 646 km, Climb 7276 mt, Gravel/offroad 48%, Asphalt 52%

This is not a race, but we register your time at the arrival; choose your pace and enjoy the landscape; challenge yourself and meet new friends. This is a unique opportunity to explore the paradise of forest and gravel roads of Finland.

The event is “family organized” from the passion of cycling and traveling by bicycle.

The region

Midnight sun Gravel is crossing the southern region of Finland from east to the west; The start line and the finish line are easy to reach by plane and boat. The route is crossing Finnish national parks and passing by several natural reserve. It is easy to camp or find accommodation along the Midnight sun gravel route. Finland is flat and there are no extremes mountains passes to cross; you will be anyway challenged by constant up and downs of hills building up quite some meters of climbs over the whole ride.

All riders and riding styles are welcome and both of the routes will challenge ultra-riders (record of route “Veloce” 38h 55min Anssi Rantanen edition 2020) or provide a beautiful riding experience for bike packing travelers at easy pace (consider 5 to 7 days tour)

Great nature

Finland has some of the cleanest air and water in the world. Pure nature enables outdoor sports enthusiasts to roam the forests, lakes, and rivers around the country with no fear of pollution or trash. Visit Finland