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  • Wast

Hi there, my name is Wast.

I have the honor of organizing the club's trips for you here in Munich. Munich has been my home for 20 years now and I’d love to share the possibilities that my gravel bike affords me, namely the freedom to conquer any surface, even fully loaded, rolling fast or in relaxed touring mode. My routes typically lead past spots for refreshment because I like to stop to chat & socialize. In Bavaria, we take care to ensure isotonic hydration. Cheers! I would also like to offer overnighters, talk shop about equipment & share stories about adventures on the bike … And for evening rides, to really drop the hammer … And on some Sundays roll out early  for a Weißwurst breakfast …

So ultimately I’m down for everything when it comes to riding! The shared experience is the priority. If you have any questions, please do reach out.

Stay tuned for for planned trips to add to your calendar too!

One ...., Two ...., Three ...., Gravel!!!