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“High Mountains & Deep Valleys – Welcome to Berlin & Brandenburg”, could have been the slogan if the glaciers of the Ice Age had taken a different route and the continental plates hadn't made much of a difference. But yeah, that never happened, nor will it, and Berlin and its surrounding areas have so much to offer that you don't even need the mountains. From the Spreewald Biosphere Reserve to the Uckermärkische lake landscapes and from Märkische Schweiz to the Westhavelland nature park, there is so much to see and discover.

You don’t actually have to go that far. Usually, we’re riding around in the immediate vicinity of Berlin and there are plenty of wonderful gravel adventures to be had there. Absolutely everyone is welcome as long as they can behave themselves, from rookies to seasoned riders. We all ride together and learn from each other.

Those used to ripping at top speed rediscover the upside to going slower and the beginners pick up tricks from the more experienced in the pack. 

So believe in yourself and join us.