• Angelika

"Fresh air? Freedom! Cycling! "(Isabel Trimborn)

Being outside and staying in motion are key parts of my life.

It really hasn’t been that long at all since I first discovered the joys of gravel riding - but nowadays, I couldn’t imagine not riding my beloved Ridley KANZOA from A for asphalt, G for gravel to S for the snow to Z for zig-zagging wooded paths. 

What I really like about gravel riding is the ability to just go anywhere... I don't have to think about a specific route in advance, I just ride "cross-country".
Here in the vicinity of Graz and throughout Austria in general, there are many opportunities for gravel glee... Not only am I currently exploring them but I'm also really looking forward to the company of other Gravel Club riders.

"A woman without a man is like a fish without a bike."

But a woman without a bike - that just doesn't work at all 🙂