The Game of Patience

Cyclists are really aren’t not the biggest fans of pedestrians. And that is mutual. As a cyclist: there's only a few things more annoying than pedestrians slowing you down. That is also one of the reasons why I like to ride many kilometers out of the city to dive into lonely forests where I don't encounter a soul. Who does not live on the outskirts, but relatively central, knows that it usually takes a while to get out of town. Until then it is a game of patience and without a bell or loud calls you’re in a bind.

As soon as the sun begins to shine, it is full in the parks on the gravel paths and those walking take these paths for themselves. Literally. Two people occupy the entire path instead of keeping to the right so that someone else may ride by. For cyclists it is always a mixed bag how the pedestrians react: I always expect the worst and am always ready to brake. However, I still practice being quick-witted when it comes to responding to stupid comments.

Of course, there are always the rowdy cyclists who, like some pedestrians, don't want to obey the rules. In the city as well as in the countryside.

The fact that pedestrians sometimes harbor a grudge against us cyclists is not entirely reprehensible. However, I am always a fan of unity instead of division.

So my tip in advance: Give the: the pedestrian enough time to react! Slow down your pace. Ring your bell well in advance so that he or she has enough time to identify ring, to panic for a moment and then to react.

The most relaxed are the ones who just stick to the right and stay there. I thank you kindly and go on. It would be nice. After all, you're still allowed to dream. The reality is mostly different. There are those who like to ignore multiple rings. Now I'm right behind them and ask nicely if I can go by. "How wa it with the ringing?" Its just a snotty answer. I thank you in an exaggeratedly friendly manner, jet off and get annoyed.

Then there are those who jump to the side in panic - one on the right, one on the left. Those who are completely overwhelmed, first tap to the right, then to the left and take so long that I slow down just before them in the end have to because they can't make up their minds. Most of the time, however, they smile at their clumsiness. Pedestrians with dogs are also a people of their own.

Either the dog hears, but causes half a heart attack by barking when I drive past or the owner (s): I make no move to shorten the leash, so I can only hope that I haven't got the dog hanging in the spokes right away .

But in the end there are also pedestrians that I remember positively. Namely those who wish me a good ride, who are interested in my bike, or those who say "You're dirty!" At a snack stop. address and I get involved in a nice conversation.

So always avoid it, drive around the city center and don't get angry - then nobody can put me in a good mood, even on the best-visited paths take on the bike.

  • Text: Sarah