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Dynaplug® Air

Tubeless driving offers many advantages, especially in the gravel area. High comfort due to lower tire pressures and a certain puncture protection by sealing milk have convinced me personally early. Only one thing has always bothered me. It is really not easy to press the Tubless patches / sausages in somewhat larger damage. With a lot of fiddling and in winter very quickly cold hands it has usually worked somehow, but beautiful is different. This was then always followed by a laborious inflation of the flat tire. 

As luck would have it, Sascha from The Gravel Club called me and asked me if I would like to perform a test. It was about a repair kit from Dynaplug. He said that it should facilitate the repair immensely, my interest was immediately aroused. Simply press in and inflate directly via the Dynaplug tool conveniently by CO2 cartridge sounded very simple. "Sure I'll do it"

So Sascha sent me a Dynaplug® Air, I was immediately impressed by the quality. The system feels very valuable and stable. Also the assembly is very simple. You only have to equip the Airplug tool with a plug (special patch from Dynaplug) and screw on a CO2 cartridge at the other end. The CO2 cartridge also offers itself directly as a handle.

Dynaplug® Racer

Now I wanted to test the system of course first in my apartment before I stand in nirvana and do not get along. At this point first big praise to "Continental" (in this case a "Terra trail"), because with screws and nails I did not really come through the tire, but ultimately had to use my drill for this job. 

Patching the hole then actually went faster. Drill pulled out of the tire and pressed directly with the Airplug Tool to the stop through the hole. Through a small metal tip of the plug can be easily placed and also prevents slipping out. Then still the CO2 cartridge turned on and inflate to the desired tire pressure. Then the tool simply pulled out and now stuck only the plug in the hole and sealed in conjunction with the sealing milk directly. The excess of the patch I could then simply shorten with my knife from the multitool. Done!

I am thrilled by the ease of use. It really saves time and, above all, nerves.
For me, the Dynaplug® Air may no longer stay at home on any ride!

Finally, the pros and cons summarized.



  • Easy handling
  • Fast !!!
  • Different plugs for all sorts of
  • Metal tip of the plug secures the plug in the tyre



  • Definitely the price, RRP of the tested variant 77.90 €, per plug and CO2 cartridge 
    are each about 2.00 € due (but Crafted in USA)
  • CO2 cartridges are not environmentally friendly


Text, Photos and Video: Felix Niebhagen

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